Consultancy Services

Health and  Safety

  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment
  • COSHH Assessment
  • DSE Risk Assessment

Safety Management System

  • Implementation of BS OHSAS 18001

Environmental Management

 Integration of Management Systems

ISO 14001 + BS OHSAS 18001 + ISO 9001

  • Introduction to ISO 14001
  • Introduction to ISO 9001
  • Introduction to BS OHSAS 18001
  • Introduction to Benchmarking
  • Introduction to Auditing

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 "We prepare you and your organisation for safety".


EHT consultants have a unique combination of insight and practical experience, underpinned by robust, informed, evidence-based practice. We make conclusions  based on the best available evidence by been consistent and systematically identifying, and evaluating all significant safety risks.

Our core disciplines focus on working with managers to develop a strategy for improvement and staff training to manage ongoing health and safety based on evidence and compliance, together with ongoing support to ensure consistent application of annual, routine and project specific health and safety management.

We focus our services on working in partnership with our clients seeking for ways of achieving  their main objectives: integrating policy and procedures into management systems and company processes to achieve the cost effective management of health and safety and overall efficiency, ensuring compliance with Health & Safety legislation

 Health and  Safety Consultancy

The result of poor health and safety can be pain and suffering to the individual and financial problems to the owner of the business; this cost can be a disproportionate burden to the company.

  • The cost of poor of health and safety to the company: Compensation, Loss of production, Treatments, Accidents, Prosecution, Reputation, Pain and Suffering.
  • The benefits of good health and safety:  A safer working environment, Fewer accidents, More productive workforce, Less chance of prosecution, Less chance of civil action, Greater profit, Good reputation, Lower insurance premiums e.t.c.
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSWA) section 2(3) requires that anyone employing five or more persons must:
  • Prepare a written statement of policy
  • Set out organisation and arrangement for implementing policy 
  • Revise and update as necessary
  • Bring the policy and arrangements to the notice of all employees
 We will bring a common sense approach to developing a policy relevant to your  business. 
  • Review and update existing Health, Safety and Environmental policy documents
  • Review existing method statements and risk assessments
  • Provide help with how to complete tendering questionnaires
  • Review training certificates and training matrices usually required for tendering purposes
  • Periodic  review meetings
  • Update with changes in legislation
  • Advice on the phone when you need it

Fire Risk Assessment

Every business owner and employer must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • All fire risks have been assessed and the results recorded with written fire risk assessments.
  • Records to show that fire fighting equipment has been provided, properly maintained and regularly inspected.
  • An Emergency Action Plan has been written, confirmed and published.
  • Staff have received fire training in the use of equipment & procedures in the event of fire.
  • There are adequate means of fire detection, warning systems and escape routes in place to allow people to leave the building safely.
  • Action plans have been formulated and signed off to indicate proposed completion dates and actual completion dates.

We will visit your premises and will provide you with comprehensive fire risk assessments at competitive rates. Crucially we won't just advise you, we'll do them for you.


Environmental Management 

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out how organisations can go about putting in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of the entire company, it can enable organisations and businesses achieve both objectives.

ISO 14001 or an Environment Management System (EMS) is a tool for managing the impacts of an organisation’s activities on the environment. It is a pro-active approach, and allows business to consider environmental issues before they become a problem.

ISO 14001 exists to allow businesses to establish those operations that have a negative impact on the environment and to minimise these as determined necessary. Thus it can be a powerful tool for businesses to both improve their environmental performance, and enhance their business efficiency.

What are the ISO 14001 requirements?

  • General requirements
  • Environmental policy
  • Planning implementation and operation
  • Checking and corrective action
  • Management review
We  help organisations design, document, implement and operate a simple environmental management system that meets all the requirements of ISO 14001. We design the system around existing business and environmental practices where ever possible. We help  to establish the necessary controls to ensure organisations are in compliance with relevant legislation, and help identify and solve the areas where company do not comply with the ISO 14001 standard.

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